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About Us

About Us

The practice of mindfulness is something I find so vital, so transforming and so beneficial in every day life. The lives of our children are so precious, beginning with a clean slate with so many factors shaping them into the little people they become.

Such pure minds and bodies take on such huge emotions. When Mindfulness becomes a daily practice it is something that can help self regulate those emotions, help navigate and cut through anxiety, improve self esteem, focus and concentration, provide the tools to deal with social stresses in everyday life and help promote self awareness and self love.

I hold a Diploma in Beauty Therapy with qualifications in Massage Therapy, Diploma in teaching Mindfulness to Children, Training from Maryanne Eve- MHSW, Mindfulness Educator, Working with children’s check and First Aid training.

I welcome you to join our weekly classes and become apart of our tribe where our foundations are to build resilience, kindness, gratitude, compassion, non judgement, acceptance and mostly a safe place for social interactions between others through a combination of mindfulness and CBT practice with a Buddhist philosophy (non religious group).



Our Classes

We offer three different classes to suit different age groups which run to the school term. There will be a mix of hands on Meditation, breath focus, mindful movement, games and practices. Story telling and age appropriate mindfulness and mindset education. In a small group environment, there is also lots of opportunities for sharing and learning from each other.

We are located in Doreen, Victoria.


Please contact Katelyn at for more information regarding the below classes, Adult Meditation Classes, Sensory Workshops and more, payment plans are available.

Baby's Feet
Baby + Me Mindfulness, Movement + Self Love
Pre School Zen Masters

Where we will incorporate movement, basic baby massage techniques, self love through affirmations, crystals, essential oils and more.


Breathing techniques to help calm you amid those challenging times whilst focusing on self love when you can truly feel so alone.


This class is as much for mums/dads/carers as it is for the baby, maybe even more so.

Suitable for all parents/caregivers with babies aged 2-9 months old.

45 minute class.

$18 per class.

Where breathing techniques become fun and almost game like.


Each week will focus on different emotions through age appropriate learning and activities along side some ‘quiet time’ practice which helps your child learn how to be still and navigate those huge emotions.

A great way to encourage self-soothing and self-regulating emotions.

Suitable for 3-5 year olds. Parent/caregiver must attend.


45 minute class.

$18 per class.

Mini Zen Masters

Where self awareness, kindness for ourselves and others, breathing through movement and age appropriate meditations will be a weekly activity alongside of wonderful tools to help your child through challenges that they face in school and everyday life.

Suitable for 5-12 year olds.


60 minute class.

$25 per class

NDIS funding for self managed and planned.

* This structured Early Intervention Children's Mental Health Program was developed by a Mental Health Worker. In 2019 the program was nominated and short listed for a number of awards for it's incredible success in assisting and supporting children.


Contact Us

Connecting Mindfulness With Children

Please contact Katelyn at for more information.

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